A password known only to MTHS classmates must be entered
below in order to view the MTHS classmate's e-mail addresses.


The MTHS password is a single word. The password is the (most commonly used) name of the large hill next to the Mounds Township High School building. The most commonly used name was NOT "Spencer" and it was NOT "Titus". The most commonly used name reflected the way in which the hill was used. At the base of the hill was a small bridge. Many seniors used to smoke on and under the bridge at the base of this hill. In the winter, many MTHS students used to come down the hill on their sleds. In the summer, it was fun and scary to ride a bicycle down this hill. But it was used for something else too. Do you now remember the most commonly used name of this hill???

If you remember it, click the animated "CLICK HERE" button under the animated red arrow immediately below and type (do NOT use any capital letters) in the most commonly used name of this hill in the prompt window that will appear in the upper left hand corner of your monitor screen (NOTE: See the picture below to help you locate where the alert window will appear on your monitor screen.); after you type the password, click "OK". If you have typed in the correct word, you will automatically be taken to the MTHS e-mail address page once you click "OK".
(be sure you spell the word correctly)

NOTE: A small prompt screen will appear in the
upper left hand corner of your monitor screen.

If you need additional help, please use the purple navigation buttons immediately below and contact the MTHS webmaster.

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