Mound City, Illinois

319 High St. Mound City, Illinois.
Call Toll Free 866-969-6922

The Wall Manor pictured above has been highly recommended by Becky (Crain) Kleckner (MTHS 1963) to any MTHS classmate who is interested in visiting the Mounds, Illinois area. She reports that some friends of hers from Michigan were in the Mounds area over Memorial Day and spent three days there. Becky states that her friends "raved" on and on about the place. Becky also went down to the Wall Manor the last day and had breakfast with her friends and she reports that the breakfast was delicious. She further states that the caretakers are really nice people and that Mound City has expended a lot of time and effort in cleaning up the town and that it really shows! For additional information regarding the Wall Manor, please click the button below to visit their web site:
Web Site

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