The pictures below were provided by
Becky Crain Kleckner
MTHS Class of 1963.

In 1941, the new MTHS High School became a reality.
The Titus Estate donated the ground. Open house was held in the new building on November 15, 1941. In January 1942, the move into the building was completed. In March of that year, streetlights were installed out by the school. The building was a solid poured concrete structure; hallways and stairways were of solid concrete also. The top floor had three classrooms. The first floor had an assembly room or study hall, two classrooms, office, gymnasium with a stage and two locker rooms, two restrooms and a furnace room.

Construction was started on the Meridian High School in 1967 and in 1968 the new Meridian Junior/Senior High School was opened. The old MTHS building was then closed.

This information was gathered from the Mounds Library and was presented to the class of 1954's 50th reunion by Eddie Austin.

AKA "The Hard Road"