The above Phi Kappa Tau SIU graduation ring
is a symbol of distinction, honor, and pride.

Each of the members of The Four Taus band graduated from Southern Illinois University. The college experience and the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity experience at SIU has made a lasting positive impact on each of our lives. Moreover, the members of the band have been indeed fortunate to have experienced the bond of brotherhood that has continued to grow for the past forty years.

Each member of the band feels that being a "Phi Tau" is a mark of distinction in which we take pride. We recognize that much of the bands overall success was due inpart to the strong support of the Beta Chi chapter of Phi Kappa Tau. Therefore, the members of the band extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Beta Chi chapter of Phi Kappa Tau for all of their continued support.

The Four Taus share the feelings of brother Roland Maxwell, USC class of 1922, who stated,
"We believe in the spirit of brotherhood. We strive to attain its ideals, and by so doing to bring to it honor and credit. We shall be loyal to our college and to our chapter and shall keep strong our ties to them".

The Four Taus conclude by saying to members of the entire Phi Kappa Tau brotherhood, "Are you going far?".

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