Terry and Elaine
Class of 1958

Three Family Photos
Shown At The Bottom Of The Page

Hi MTHS Classmate,
Below are three photos taken last summer (2005) while in Bangkok, Thailand with my wife, Elaine. The first top photo was taken in my office at the Phelps Dodge Thailand Ltd. cable and wire factory in Bangplee, Thailand. The photo does not do justice to it because it is a beautiful office on the 2nd floor with glass walls floor to ceiling on 3 sides with beautiful deep blue carpeting. Adjoining offices are occupied by vice presidents. I have not worked there for almost 5 years but they still maintain my office intact with no one else occupying it and all my prior things are still there including office supplies, decorations, files, etc. Everytime I visit they always want to have me sit there and take my photo with each of them beside me. I guess I am somewhat of a celebrety to them because I was the one that designed and built the world class factories there selecting all the equipment, purchasing it and installing and helping them run it. This particular factory is one of three when I was there with each having over 800 employees. I was the only non-Thai person in the facilities.

The second middle photo of me on a bicycle was last summer also at a resort south of Bangkok where Elaine and I went with the vice president and his wife and family...staying 3 days there at their cost. We all had a great time at the resort boating on the Gulf of Thailand, along the seaside, bicycling, hiking, and eating at many great restaurants.

The last bottom photo of Elaine and I on an elephant was at a city about 3 hours drive north of Bangkok where the vice president took us on a weekend outing.


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