Refresh Button
Demonstration For
Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
(Shown Below)

Hi MTHS Classmate,
Certain web sites like weather web sites are constantly being up-dated. This is also true for newly constructed web sites which are frequently adding new pictures and announcements. The MTHS web site certainly falls into this category.

The code used to make these web sites and display the pictures and text is called HyperText Markup Language (HTML for short). Once you visit and view a web site page, the HTML code is stored on your computer's hard drive in a temporary internet files folder (often referred to as the cache). This is done so you can quickly access that page the next time you visit it (and the page will thus open quickly). However, if that page is newly up-dated before the tempory cache file is emptied, the viewer will not get to see the new up-dates until several days later. To avoid this problem and be able to immediately see new up-dates on a web site page, it is necessary to "Refresh" (reload) the page.

Here is how to "Refresh" a web site page if you are using an "Internet Explorer" or a "Mozilla Firefox" browser:
First, simply try pressing
the F5 key on your keyboard
(this should refresh the page)
If pressing F5 does not seem to work, then try the following: once you arrive at the page you suspect may have new up-dates (like basketball pictures page, class list page, announcements page, E-mail Addresses page, etc.) you should left click your "Refresh Button" which looks like this:

and can be found on your browser's tool bar which looks like this (note red arrow pointing to the location of the refresh button):

Otherwise, you may possibly still see the old HTML which will NOT display the newly up-dated pictures or text since the old HTML code is still presently stored in your cashe temporary file on you computer's hard drive. Clicking your "Refresh Button" will empty the temporary cashe file for that particular page and allow you to see the new pictures and text (such as new MTHS e-mail addresses) which may have been recently posted.

Note: Once you click the "Refresh Button", the newly up-dated material should appear. If you do not see anything different about the page after the "Refresh Button" has been clicked, then the page you are viewing has NOT been up-dated.

If you have any trouble, please contact the the MTHS webmaster by using the purple and gold navigation buttons in the upper left hand corner of this page.

Thank you,
MTHS Webmaster
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