Grandstaff Web Design Prices
Web site costs are determined in a similar fashion as to how the cost of constructing an automobile is determined. That is, the more "bells and whistles" it has, the more it cost. Thus, web site building prices typically vary greatly according to how complex the site is and the number of pages that are required. The price range for a complete web site is generally somewhere between four hundred dollars ($400.00) to five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) and up.

According to the "Logoworks" web site, the cost of a professional web sites ranges from $999.00 (single page) to $3,499.00 (15 page web site) depending on the number of pages. You can go here to see their pricing chart.

Many web site builders such as "" charge by the month (for user service) with rates ranging from $19.95 a month to $99.95 a month depending on the features included and the degree of professionalism needed.

Other web site designers such as "Lake Superior Design" charge per minute, per hour, and per service (features) provided. Their charges average approximately $100.00 per hour depending on four different levels of packaging (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Commerce).

Although our prices (which can be seen below) are somewhat less than those cited above, we still feel that our prices are competitive in addition to providing an excellent bargain for our customers.