MTHS web site
New official Domain URL
Hi MTHS Classmate,
Our Mounds Township High School web site now has a new official Domain URL (Universal Resource Locator) which is just a fancy way to say we have our very own special web site address.

The reason for this is to hopefully make it very easy to remember our MTHS web site address for those of us (like me) who are starting to experience the effects of old age on our memory abilities. Here is the new URL:
It doesn't get much easier to remember than that (by the way, the old URLs will still work too). The new URL above is click-able if you would like to go back to the main page once you finish reading this message (give it a try).

Here is how to use the above URL. Try typing (or copying and pasting) the entire into your open browser window's address bar and then click "Go". Note the example of doing this below and observe where the red arrow is pointing to alert you to where the URL should be typed or pasted:

Now when you are away from your home or at a party and you want to show someone our web site, you can use their computer and easily remember the web site address.

MTHS Webmaster