Mahoney & Hase
Grocery Store

Photos provided
by Daisy Rae (Mahoney) Dille
MTHS Class of 1954

Three Pictures Below:

First and Delaware
Mounds, Illinois
Ray Mahoney (left) and Cal Sheerer (right) from Mound
City on the porch of Ray Mahoney's Grocery Store in
the middle 1920's at First and Delaware in Mounds.

First and Delaware in the 1930's
Ray Mahoney's Grocery store in Mounds at First and
Delaware in the 1930's. Ray is the first person on the
left. The others are unknown.

First and Delaware about 1945-46
This is The "Mahoney and Hase Grocery Store" at First
and Delaware about 1945-46 before they moved into the
new store on First Street. Behind the counter on the left is
Ray Mahoney, unknown MTHS student, in front of the
counter is "Toots" Biggerstaff and behind the meat counter
is Charlie Hase. Many different MTHS students worked in
the store for Ray and Charlie and have lots of interesting
stories to tell about their experiences at the store.


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