MTHS Website Preservation Committee
Raymond "Bubba" Melton (Chairman), W. Bill Robinson, Bill Hargis,
Linda Earnhart, Sandy Ashcraft, Becky Kleckner, and Daisy Ray Dille.
Hello MTHS Classmates and Friends,

My computer friends call me "Dr. Harv" and I am a 1958 MTHS graduate and I am your MTHS Webmaster. I am pleased to introduce you to the new MTHS Website Preservation Committee shown in the picture above. They are Raymond "Bubba" Melton - Committee Chairman (1958), W. Bill Robinson (1961), Bill Hargis (1958), Linda Earnhart (1964), Sandy Ashcraft (1965), Becky Kleckner (1963), and Daisy Ray Dille (1953).

As your Webmaster, I would like to take this opportunity to explain #1., how this committee was selected; #2., why the committee is necessary; #3., what service will the committee provide; and #4., how you can help the committee and support your MTHS Website.

#1. How was the committee selected?
This seven member committee was selected on the basis of individuals who are frequently on their computers and who frequently visit the MTHS Website. They also have shown a strong support in providing the Webmaster with information, pictures, etc. during the initial construction of the MTHS Website. Five of the members received special recognition from the Webmaster and were recognized at the MTHS Special Awards page. Additionally, the Webmaster wanted at least two members who represented the youngest MTHS alumni so their responsibilities could be handed down to keep the MTHS Website online long after the Webmaster can no longer perform the yearly requirments. Seven members were chosen so that there could be no tie votes during committee meetings.
#2. Why the committee is necessary?
I suspect most of the MTHS alumni do not realize that it cost money to build and annually maintain a Website. The cost of construction has been happily donated by your Webmaster and thus there is no construction cost and there never will be any construction cost. However, there is an annual cost to keep the Website online and what if the Webmaster should suddenly die? The entire MTHS Website would be gone forever at the end of the year. So, the "MTHS Website Preservation Committee" was initiated to make sure the MTHS Website continues to be online even if the Webmaster should die. Our Website is huge, very sophisticated, and state of the art since it uses flash amimation. It would be terrible if it were deleted due to some clerical difficulties of nonpayment regarding our server. Our Website contains over 4,000 various types of HTML, JavaScript, .jpg, .mp3, video, .gif, and other files. The uploaded server folder size is 515 MB. That is indeed a big Website my friends.
#3. What service will the committee provide?
The committee is charged with making sure the three fees shown below are paid annually and on time.

1. The "Website server fee" which is $60.00 per year (and the most important fee) .

2. The Domain renewal fee of $8.95 which is the fee for our domain name

1 year ($8.95)
2 years ($17.95)
3 years ($26.95)
5 years ($44.95)

3. The "Professional Guest book fee" (no advertisements) which is $54.95.

Website server fee" $60.00
Domain renewal fee $8.95
Professional Guest book fee $54.95

#4. How you can help?
You can help support our MTHS Website and help keep it online by making a very small donation contribution of one dollar, five dollars, or more. The money will be kept in a special fund by Raymond "Bubba" Melton (Chairman) and he or one of the committee members will make the necessary online payments.

If you would like to help support our Website, please do the following:

1. Make out a check to:

Raymond "Bubba" Melton (Chairman)

2. Mail the Check to:

910 Sunset Drive
McLeansboro, Illinois 62859

Bubba's phone number is: 618-643-3803

Bubba's e-mail address is:

Thanks for your help and contributions and please enjoy our Website.