The Four Taus were a pretty reliable crowd builder at bars and clubs where they performed. So much so that one of the finest and most memorable late-late night clubs in southern Illinois recruited the band to perform along with its own house band. That club will be well remembered by University party animals as the famous Junior Hatchett's, home of the greatest blues music in the area. With a sunken dance floor, and great stage and sound system, Junior's club was an exciting venue and provided some most excellent memories! One of the sure fire memories to be recalled can be seen immediately below. Yes, that is the well known Junior's nightclub personality and musician known as "Big Twist".
Larry "Big Twist" Nolan
He is singing the song you now hear!
If you have a high speed internet connection, you should be hearing "Big Twist" singing as soon as this web site page opens! If you have a telephone dial-up internet connection, allow a few minutes for the one minute sound byte to load. "Big Twist" played drums while he sang songs at Junior Hatchetts's three nights a week and he frequently was the headliner on a Saturday night gig. "Big Twist" went on to become a noted entertainer in Chicago and New York and although he died a number of years ago, his CDs can still be purchased on line by going to his personal web site by clicking here.

The two small pictures shown above which were taken at Junior Hatchett's have poor pixel quality because each of the pictures were made from an enlarged single frame of an 8 mm movie. The movie was shot at Junior Hatchett's on a Saturday night "Battle of the Bands". If the pictures above were enlarged even more, they would become extremely distorted. However, they look great when projected onto an 8mm movie screen. Camcorders and VHS tape had not yet been invented in 1964. Junior Hatchett had given special permission to have this event filmed with a super 8mm movie camera. The entire 8mm filming event at Junior's has been converted to a Four Taus DVD and digital sound recordings of The Four Taus' music was mixed with the DVD movie. Details of this Four Taus DVD can be obtained by clicking here.

The Four Taus band members are pictured above in the small left 8mm snap shot picture as they are appearing in the Saturday night "Battle of the Bands" at "Junior Hatchett's". The two bands that were featured were "The Four Taus" band and the "Junior's Saturday Night House Band". Both bands alternated playing one hour stints from 9:00 P.M. until 2:00 A.M.

Shown in the second small 8mm snap shot picture above is Mr. "Junior" Hatchett himself. Unfortunately, the picture quality is once again poor due to the picture being made from a single frame of an 8mm movie. Junior owned the night club and was the featured drummer in his own "House" band. He was a very accomplished musician. There was usually standing room only on Saturday nights at "Juniors" because it had a reputation for having the best live blues and rock n' roll music in southern Illinois in the early nineteen sixties.

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