How To
E-mail Large
Pictures To The
MTHS Webmaster

Hi MTHS Classmate,
The picture you are trying to send to the MTHS Webmaster is important to both of us. We both would like to display it at it's very best on the MTHS web site. Usually the way one sends a picture in an e-mail is to send it at a smaller pixel size. Pixels are the little individual dots within a picture that make up a whole picture. By sending a smaller picture (less pixels) in an e-mail, the receiver will be able to download it quickly and thus see the picture much sooner. However, the picture will lose some of it's quality by reducing the pixels.

Web site pictures need to have more pixels than e-mailed pictures so the web site picture will have a better quality (thus larger in pixel size, yet not too large).

Fortunately, download time with e-mailed pictures is not an issue with the MTHS Webmaster because I use a high speed cable internet connection and I can therefore handle very large sized pictures and download them in a matter of a few seconds. So, I would like to try and walk you through the steps of sending me a larger picture (that you have selected) and I will resize it to the perfect size for the MTHS web site once I receive it. I am sure you can do this. Just follow the instructions below:


First (#1 in the picture below), find the picture you want to send on your hard-drive. Most people keep their pictures in the "My Pictures" folder.

Second, once you locate the picture you are going to e-mail, place your cursor over the picture and right click the picture. A window like the one you see in the picture below at (#2) will open:

Next, move your cursor to the text that says "Send To" (blue highlighted) as shown in #2 in the picture above. Leave your cursor over the text that says "Send To" and a new small window will open as show in #3 above. Select and left click the text that says "Mail Recipient" (blue highlighted). Once you left click "Mail Recipient", a new window will open that looks like the one below:

Place your cursor over the small circle next to the words that says "Keep the original sizes" and left click it. That will place a small dot into that circle and remove the one next to the text that says "Make all my pictures smaller" Then click "OK". Clicking "OK" will cause a brand new e-mail page to open with the subject line of the e-mail already filled out (provided you use Outlook Express or Incredimail). Something similar will happen if you are using a different e-mail provider. Now just place my e-mail address in the "To:" line which is:

and then click "Send". You have now sent me a large picture.

Note: It might be helpful if you print these instructions onto paper for your use while you are attempting to send the large picture.

Please give the above a try and I will let you know how everything turned out once I receive your e-mail.

Thank you,
MTHS Webmaster
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