The information below is courtesy
of Barry Westfall and is taken from
a 1922 MTHS year book he inherited

In 1909, a two year high school course was introduced into the Mounds schools, under the principalship of Mr. W. L. Toler. This proved a success, and a good number of students attended. In 1910, Mr. W. O. Medaris of Indiana, was elected as principal, but this year proved unfortunate, as nearly all the students obtained positions and left school. In 1911, eighteen Freshmen crept into the assembly hall to find Mr. Clarence Selby ruling on the rostrum, and four Sophomores seated around in the room. The year rolled by with a few dropping out, but the next year found a class of twenty Freshmen, nine Sophomores and three Juniors. The Board of Education, under the influence of the new superintendent, W. B. Hughes, decided to lengthen the course to four years. In 1913, three teachers were hired for the High School, which were under the superintendency of W. B. Hughes. Miss Edna Lewis was principal, with R. D. Rendlemen as teacher of History and Science, while Miss Kate Schuler, eighth grade teacher, was assistant teacher. Excellent work was accomplished.

During the year, the project of forming a new township and having a township high school was placed before the people. It was approved and carried.

Two pupils graduated this year, Miss Effie Walbridge and Miss Juanita Atherton. The next year, 1914, found the school existing under the new name of Mounds Township High School, with Mr. F. C. Prowdley as superintendent, Edgar R. Mullins, principal, and Miss Gertrude Gifford as teacher of History and English.

A fine bunch of ambitious Freshmen hailed from our new township. The school was so crowded that arrangements were made for a new building on Spencer Heights, but the project failed; so during the Summer months the Board of Education made arrangements to rent and equip a building. The Odd Fellows building, on McKinley avenue, was obtained, and new seats, recitation chairs, desks, laboratories, and all necessary equipage were purchased. The beginning of the new term found F. C. Prowdley back at his old post as superintendent of city schools and principal of the High School; 0. G. Simmons as teacher of Science and Mathematics, and Miss Mary Merrymon, teacher of English and History.

In 1914-15 arrangements were made to have the High School Inspector visit our school, but owing to our crowded condition it was decided to wait until we were in a new building. Accordingly, in 1915-16, we invited the inspectors, Mr. Hanna and Mr. Hollister, to visit us, and we were duly placed on the list of recognized and accredited four year high schools.

It was brought to a vote as to whether the township should combine with the city board in constructing a new building. The city had already ratified the project of its grade school. The vote pertaining to the joint building plan did not carry, and plans were being made to vote again soon. In 1916-17, Mr. Prowdley was again hired as Principal, and with the help of Mr. Denning as Science teacher, Mr. Wathers as teacher of Mathematics, and Miss Mary Merrymon as teacher of Languages and English, he turned out a graduating class of two, Margaret Lowe and Victor Gowl.

The next year 1917-18 found Mr. Prowdley still ruling the destiny of our High School pupils. This year he had as his helpers Miss Haves as teacher of Languages, Miss Merrymon a teacher of English, and Mr. Lackey, teacher of Science.

In 1918-19, Mr. Prowdley was again chosen Principal. Miss Prindle was secured for English and History teacher, Miss Store for Mathematics and Miss Bricky for Languages. After one month of school Miss Store resigned and Miss Byrd was secured in her place. The number to graduate this year was eight. From time to time during the three preceding years elections had been held in regards to having a new building for the grade school and the High School, but at last through the efforts of a few loyal citizens of our town, the election came out in our favor, and in the summer of 1919 our new school building loomed up.

1919-20 saw us in our new building with a new principal presiding over us. Mr. Freshwater, who had been the principal of Cairo High Scliool the year before. The same teachers as before were hired with the exceptions of Miss Bricky. Mr. P. H. Willy was secured in her place. This year was a great success. There were nineteen graduates.

In 1920-21, we were surprised to find that we had an added member to our faculty. The faculty this year consisted of five members: Mr. Freshwater as principal. Miss Breese as Mathematics teacher. Miss Dwyer as English teacher, Mr. E. E. Harriss as teacher of Science, and Miss Cartwright as Language teacher. There were thirteen graduates this year.

In 1921-22, we came to school to find that we had a different principal, Mr. Bower from Texas. The members of the faculty this year: Mr. Bower, Mrs. Bower as teacher of Languages; Miss Prindle, teacher of English, Miss Graham, teacher of Mathematics, and Mr E. E. Harriss, teacher of Science. And if all accomplish the the task set before us, there will be sixteen in the graduating class this year.

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