Fred Allen's 63rd
Surprise Birthday Party

May 20, 2006

Bill Robinson (MTHS 1961) has been credited as the first person who introduced the idea of a MTHS Surprise Birthday Party for Freddie Allen (MTHS) 1961. He then got in touch with Becky Crain Kleckner (MTHS 1963), and the ball rolled from there. Linda Spaulding (MTHS 1964), Sherry Miller (MTHS 1964) and Linda Foster (MTHS 1963) helped Becky plan it. It was given in Ullin at a restaurant named the "Triple E Bar B-Q".
Five Pictures Below:
Fred Allen Class of 1961
Freddie, still “IN SHOCK”, that so many MTHS classmates
and family cared to share with him on his special day.

Fred Allen, still in disbelief.

Standing is former MTHS Coach David Glisson, who came
from Nashville, Tenn., for this special celebration. Freddie’s
wife Louise is to the left of him—next to her, is his daughter
Vonda, and to the right is Freddie’s grandson Chris.

Standing L to R: Doug Johnson MTHS 1962, Dick Palmer
MTHS 1961, Donald Martin MTHS 1961, C.L. Hogendobler
MTHS 1961, and Bill Droge MTHS 1961.

Seated L to R: Harold Earnhart MTHS 1961, Freddie Allen
MTHS 1961, Bill Robinson MTHS 1961.

L to R: Becky Crain Kleckner MTHS 1963, Louise Rife Allen
MTHS 1962, Linda Melton Spaulding MTHS 1964, Linda Foster
MTHS 1963, Sherry Moses Miller MTHS 1964, Linda Titus Earnhart
MTHS 1964, Kay Rives Droge MTHS 1962, Margret Palmer Richards
MTHS 1962, Gail Honey Palmer.

There were many others that attended that aren’t in the pictures such as Bill Maloney, Al Severs, Jerry and Kathy Severs, and Kenny Tolar just to name a few. Additionally, Carl (Petey) Windings and his wife Mary Ellen Allen Windings (Freddie's sister) were also there. Others included Freddie's granddaughter, Courtney, Vonda's husband, Dave Dexter, Bob Spaulding and Donald Martin's wife, Marilyn. Moreover there was Morissa Clanahan, Elaine Hurley Clanahan, Terry Farrow, and Bill Blackburn (who are Freddie's golfing buddies.)

Also, while everyone was celebrating Freddie's day, 2 unexpected people showed up at the restaurant... unbeknown to Doug Johnson, Doug's mom and dad came in... remember Dr. Clyde and Pauline Johnson? They happened to be up that way and stopped in to eat... they didn't know Doug was going to be there. This certainly put the icing on the cake.


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