Charles Pitts
MTHS Class of 1947
Died September 10, 2007

Alta Sowers Taylor received a letter which was written by the daughter of Charles Pitts and which was read by Bennie Baugh at our recent 2008 MTHS reunion. Below is that letter:

"Dear Ms. Taylor,

I accompanied my father to a couple of his MTHS reunions. He enjoyed them so much and was always excited to see many of his old friends again. He loved Mounds and the people in it.

Though his eyesight had been failing for years, he never seemed to have problems at the reunions. Whether by voice or by sight, he almost always knew who was who and had great stories to tell about everyone. Whether they were true or not has yet to be proven.

He was very proud and loyal to the people and the town that he grew up in. I believe some of the best years in his life were spent on the streets of Mounds. I can't imagine what Mounds must have been like in the fortys, but to him it was home and the friends he made he never forgot. The friendships he made there were everlasting. Sometimes he couldn't remember what he had for lunch, but ask him to tell a story about Mounds and his friends and he could recite it like it was yesterday.

Which brings me to the purpose of this email. On September 10, 2007, at the age of 78, Mounds High School lost another alumnus. Charles E. PItts, senior class of 1947 died quietly at home surrounded by his family. He had been battling lung cancer for the past three years, and the cancer finally won. We miss him deeply.

My dad was laid to rest at Casper Cemetery in Anna in the family plot. We were raised in Granite City, but my dad's heart always stayed in southern Illinois. It was only right that he would return there.

I don't know if you knew my dad personally, but if you did, you know he was a good man who enjoyed playing pranks on un- suspecting innocents. He would howl with delight if he could embarass one just a little bit in front of others. He loved to make people laugh. I take a lot of comfort in the fact that on a still winter night when my thoughts are of him and I hear the angels laught out loud, at least I now know why;.

So god bless you and the great folks of the MTHS alumni, and when you see them, tell "em Charlie said, "Hi!"

Thank you,

Joyce Davis"