Bill & Margaret
"Tootie" (Vick)
Tally Family
(Seven Pictures Below)
Bill Tally 1944 MTHS Senior
Tootie (Vick) 1948 MTHS Senior

Left: Bill & Tootie during their courtship at a TKE
Spring Ball at SIU in 1949.
Right: Altamont High School Graduation and
Bill's retirement in 1983.

Left: Retirement and at ease between nines in Florida.
Right: Bill and Margaret Tally married for 50 years.

Front: Grandma Tootie, Grace Tally, Jay C. Tally, Grandpa Bill.
Back Row L-R: Tony Gebben, Mark Gebben, Cindy Tally
Gebben, Lyn Tally, Greg Tally, Jennifer Gebben.


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