Below is a FREE picture of "The Four Taus" band that makes an outstanding Desktop picture for your computer.

The picture is intentionally a very large graphic to keep the visual quality of the picture and to fill your entire monitor screen. Thus, after you download it to your computer, you will see that the picture size is 1400 X 746 pixels. It also has been "crunched" to reduce the number of kilobytes to only 203 and it will therefore load quickly even though it is a very large pixel size graphic.

So, if you like it, just place your cursor over the picture and then right click it to have the options window open. Then select and click the "save picture as" option and then go to the folder where you saved it (probably the default pictures folder). Now place your cursor over the picture and right click it and then click the option that says: "Set as desktop background". See the instructional graphic below (note the pointing finger and the yellow color):

If you do not know how to hide your desktop icons, which might cover up your desktop picture, click
here to see a teaching video of how to hide your desktop icons. Enjoy!
Below is the desktop picture to download:

<bgsound src="" width="0" height="0" loop="-1">