The Four Taus Microsoft Windows screen saver is a professional screen saver production which is loaded with animated graphics. Like the FREE Powerpoint, this FREE screen saver is also guaranteed to bring back a lot of old memories of Carries, Juniors, The Rumpus Room, SIU, and much more.

The 1.20 megabyte screen saver features four spinning cubes which display six different 4 Taus related pictures including a picture of the Southern Illinois University Phi Kappa Tau graduation ring. Each of the four cubes tumble through space and pass through two more spinning circles of miniature brightly colored cubes (see the picture at the bottom of this page). It works best with Microsoft Windows XP; however, it should work with other Windows editions too.

To receive your FREE Microsoft Windows 4 Taus screen saver, simply send a short e-mail to the e-mail address shown below and request that The Four Taus 1.20 megabyte screen saver file be sent to you in a separate e-mail along with your Free PowerPoint which will also be sent in a separate e-mail. Both e-mails will contain specific instructions regarding how to load the files on your computer. Immediately below is the e-mail address that you should write and request your two FREE Microsoft files:

Once you receive your screen saver files in an e-mail, you should save each file attachment to a folder. Then you should follow the very simple instructions regarding how to load the Microsoft files onto your hard-drive that will be clearly stated in each of the e-mails you receive.

Thanks and please enjoy the two new 4 Taus Windows files!!!

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