Early 1900s
Mounds Railroad

Photos provided by Bill Atherton
MTHS Class of 1959
Bill Tally
MTHS Class of 1944

Five Pictures Below:

First Street of Mounds, Illinois
Late 1800s

Completion of Railroad
into Mounds, Illinois

Illinois Central Depot
Mounds, Illinois

Illinois Central Railroad Yard
Mounds, Illinois
Around 1900

Train Wreck in Mounds, Illinois in 1953
The picture above is of a few of the wrecked railroad cars from the wreck off Front Street in Mounds, Illinois in 1953. There were twenty-three to twenty-five cars wrecked and piled up there. There was a carload of meat from the swift Packing Co. in the wreck, and they had an auction to sell the big hams, chops, bacon, etc. before it could spoil in the August heat.

The picture was taken on August 1, 1953 at 9:30AM. The man in the center of the picture is Will Turner, Tootie Vick Tally's grandfather. The young lady on the right is Mary Ann Taylor Stout and and her baby Kathryn. Mrs. Zon (Mary) Vick and Tootie Vick Tally are also on the right.


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